Developing A Website For A Tattooist


Behind Wicketh Tattoo is Victoria Lundin Lewerentz, an artist and a tattooist based in Malmö. In early 2021, I offered to fully develop and design a website in coherence with her successful brand on Instagram.


Web developer


2021 →


Wicketh Tattoo is well-established on various social media platforms, mainly Instagram. For this reason, I indulged myself to center the website around two factors; Victoria Lundin Lewerentz herself and Instagram. To fashion the website around Victoria as a female role model with full-body tattoos, an inspirational figure for those curious of such encompassed art.

Also, tease visitors through Instagram samples to further increase the conversion rate of followers. From an SEO perspective, map the questions and needs of customers and using those insights to drive traffic to the website. The website had to be unique in comparison to its competitors and invoke new aspects of the existing brand identity.


Site architecture was composed to overview what needed to be showcased on the website. From that, various sketches of the fundamental structure of the layout were made to determine which of such design proposals were most suited for the project in its entirety. With the use of grid systems, a composition was efficiently assembled. The visual identity was later added in form of imagery, colours, typography, and writing.

Further, SEO optimisations were carried out whereas competitors in the same market were taken into account. Performance and SEO evaluation were also conducted to ensure a satisfactory user experience and organic ranking. As a designer, I consciously chose to include animations, nudging and micro interactions to increase session duration and interaction. Throughout the development process, mockups were sent to the client for collaborative designing and feedback incorporation.