Designing A Website For A Psychologist


Kristiina Pekkola is a sports psychologist based in Malmö. In early 2019, she reached out in a need of a new website for her company. I was briefed to build and design a website in light of modern standards.


Web developer

KPekkola AB

2019 →


Kristiina Pekkola has twenty years of experience working with people who seek help when they get stuck in life and have had a hard time sorting this out on their own. Her interaction with people takes place at the reception or out in the world, according to ones’ own needs. People come from near and far and usually through recommendations from friends’ own experiences or colleagues at work.

The scope of this design cases was to design and build a website that would act as a platform for getting in touch and experiencing what kind of person Kristiina Pekkola is and how her work flow is. Apart from technical requirements such as cross-browser compatibility, cross-device compability, legibility, SEO friendly, and accessibility, a requirement raised in our meeting was for the website to convey Kristiina Pekkola’s personality, empathy, and professionalism to her target audience. A sense of her work environment and approach in her everyday work-life. We also agreed on renewing content such as text and photographies.


The website was built by means of grid, CSS, and HTML. I concluded the scale of the design case to be small enough for the functionality to not be comprised by building it bottom up. I purposefully chose a minimalistic design to emphasize imagery, text, and colours. Placing of UI elements, sizing, interactive states, use of colours, contrast, typography, and use of fundamental design principles were all considered in relation to Kristiinas brand and requests. Photographies and editing of such were intentional in what was focused and how that aligned with conveying her personality and professionalism.