Producing A Live Production

In late 2019 and early 2020, my team and I broadcast Korpen Malmö IF’s own football series on two occasions at Kombihallen, Malmö. Korpen Malmö IF is an association that organizes various sporting events, including its own series for amateurs football. The two occasions were broadcast via Korpen Malmö IF’s Facebook page and on our own website with the Facebook stream embedded. In total, six football matches of 2 x 20 minutes per match with a short "studio" before and after each broadcast event and shorter interviews after each match

Target Audience

As our stakeholder for the entire project was Korpen Malmö IF, we had to adjust our overall goals to fit into their branding. They wished to convey to non-members that Korpen IF is an association where everyone can participate and that it should be easy and fun to get exercise. They also requested the broadcast to be fun and entertaining for both members and non-members without conflicting their branding values. In addition to this, we had the freedom to be able to control both the process and delivery based on our own expertise. The target audience for the broadcast was considered above all to be friends, family and team members who could not participate but also people who were interested in Korpen IF’s activities as well as general football enthusiasts.

Graphic Profile

Early in our planning process, we decided to market the live broadcast of the football matches on social media which inevitably led to naming our group and the project itself. Once a name was set, a graphic profile was made focusing on a logo, colour palette and font which we later used on social media, as graphics for the live broadcast, and in print materials such as football studio backdrop. By having a graphic profile to relate to on our various channels we also created a cohesive and consistent image of Malmö Cable for our audience. Such an act also clarified that we were not part of Korpen Malmö IF but that we were our own brand. The font was selected for readability and legibility on both digital and physical mediums. Colours were selected of the far end of the colour spectrum of Korpen’s graphical profile to be perceived on-screen and i.e., not disappear in the green grass on the football field.


In addition to publishing the live broadcast on Facebook, we also chose to create our own platform to be able to publish the broadcast on our own terms. The website provided the opportunity to gather and visually convey the game schedule in one place. As Instagram was used for marketing and we strategically avoided creating a Facebook page for conflicting risks, we chose this feature-filled platform. This solution was seen as a central point for game schedules, social media, and information separating our operation with Korpen.

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Media Graphics

The ability to broadcast a desktop screen live via Desktop Presenter to Telestream Wirecast, with a slight of chroma key finesse, opened up for a number of experience-enhancing factors. Two prototyped interfaces, spread over two computers, with JavaScript CSS and HTML gave the chance for full control with animation as a bonus. During pre-production, it was decided to include football statistics for an extended amusement factor. For an indifferent authentic experience of live football broadcast. Likewise, an interactive scoreboard. It was a mutual decision to recreate a live football broadcast to the extent possible, by including graphical features such as team images, team names, ball possession, etc.

Just as with the image- and audio role, the role of ’match statistician’ existed of which the interface was fully controllable similar to Telestream Wirecast, button-centric interface. Also, the scoreboard was assigned a unique role.

Team and Role

In a live production, the human factor is necessary. It is a factor that forms a presence for and with the viewers. Although roles involving media or audio may be relatively straightforward to automate, human problem solving is required. A live production takes place in real-time, with unpredictable events both in front of and / or behind the camera. The performance of a live production draws parallels to the process of a design foundation. To iterate through several steps to reach a final outcome.


My competence was to keep the time frame in mind, and understand the capacity and opportunities for this type of production. By organizing, eliminate risks presented through a risk analysis and have an overall view of the design process. A live production is an experience, driven by collaborative skills and viewers. An overall indulgence ensures understanding of the target audience and ignites curiosity towards production. My competence for problem solving encouraged the production to reach boundaries indifferent to a complete live production of football. An interest in front-end development implemented a number of factors performed during the live production. Such factors did not necessarily form the basis of live production, but rather lit up just said curiosity and heightened the experience for the viewers.