I'm Taner Olcay, Hybrid UI/UX Designer, teaching assistant @MalmoUniversity, Zimmer admirer, and sushi lover. Malmöite by birth, multidisciplinary by choice

I love crafting interactions inspired by what the future may unfold, minimalistic visuals with lots of white spaces, and stepping into the realm of people’s experiences of products and services.

APR 2019 - MAY 2019

Holistic Designing For Home Care

UX Design | Service Design

A design case which involved working with all related stakeholders to explore safety in the context of home care in Lönsboda. My team and I provided a more transparent and less inconsistent communication method through holistic thinking.

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FEB 2020 - MAY 2020

Expressing Temporality In GUI

UX Design | UX Research

In this design research, I examine temporal processes of the living world and how they may be manifested in the design of GUI to express traces of time.

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JAN 2019

Designing A Website For A Psychologist

Web Development

Kristiina Pekkola is a sports psychologist based in Malmö. In early 2019, I designed and developed a website from bottom up that conveyed her personality, empathy, and professionalism to her target audience.

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I Design Concepts, Meaningful Experiences, Interactions, Visuals, Music, Got A Great Girl, Occasionally Save The World. So Why Not Meet Me Over A Coffee?

NOV 2019 - JAN 2020

Producing A Live Production

Live Production | Web Development

In collaboration with Korpen Malmö Idrottsförening, my team and I broadcast Korpen Malmö IF’s own football series on two occasions at Kombihallen, Malmö.

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2015 - PRESENT

Designing For A Restaurant

Web Development | Product Design | Visual Design

On behalf of my own designerly curiosity and involvement as a worker at Restaurang Nyhavn, Malmö, I designed and developed the currently used website as well as the logotype. In the following years, I took on the challenges to design the food and drinks menus for each year.

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How I Work


I ask, Why? To conjure problem-oriented thinking. I seek to purposefully articulate a frustrating situation or desire as an act to motivate design or initiate a design process. By asking questions I problematise what is not (yet) there.


I ask, How? To encourage transformative ideas to emerge and turn challenges into opportunities for design. To craft meaningful experiences through design. I believe a fusion of concreteness and openness allows for ideas to travel through time.

What If?

I ask, What if? To spark conversations that compel me to imagine things beyond our present. To open up design space and allow creativity to flow unhindered by the restraints of reality. I'm intrigued by the different paths the world may head in. For reform in design to transpire, there need to be futurists exploring such paths. The ideas from futurists are formed from iterations of current or past designs.

Published Articles

UX Collective featured image expressing temporality in interfaces

Expressing temporality in interfaces

Today’s GUI appears ’shiny and new’ on interaction. Whilst we, and our interactions change over time, GUI simply does not.


Have You Ever Tried Macchiato… I Haven’t, But I Wanna Try It



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