Taner Olcay─
UI / UX Designer
and Web Developer
Based In Malmö

UX/Design Consultant @jaywaybydevoteam

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As a creative and fearless designer, I believe well-defined problems and an understanding of customers' needs starts with empathy. With high attention to details and a wide set of skills to maintain product design vision, I use design thinking to turn effective and delightful low and high fidelity design work into creative and memorable brand experiences that are both beautiful, functional, and accessible.

User experience design

User interface design

Visual design

Web development

Art direction


Google Analytics

Audio design

Newtonian interfaces

When we apply easing animations in UI design we are somewhat mirroring the motion of objects in the real world according to Newtonian physics. It is a mean to anchor users in two worlds, as they interact with one reality through another. Motion is more than an aesthetically pleasing effect, it is a medium for the continuum realism from our end of the world.

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